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There are hundreds of coffee makers available, each with its own set of features and capabilities. How do you choose the right coffee maker for you? No matter your brewing needs, the NuWave BruHub has you covered with the best parts of all these coffee makers all built into a single machine.
The Scoop On Traditional Drip Coffee Makers
If you want a traditional coffee maker, you used to be stuck choosing between low end bargain machines or high-end machines only available at exorbitant prices.
• Low end coffee makers are affordable, but far too often they brew poor tasting coffee that’s rarely brewed at the optimal temperature. Plus, you’re limited in your brewing options, usually only able to brew a full pot and nothing else.

• Premium coffee makers can make delicious coffee, but the brewing process is often confusing and complicated, especially when you just want a quick cup of coffee in the morning. Plus, the high price point on these premium machines makes it impractical to have one in many homes.
See How The NuWave BruHub Does It All, And Does It Well!
The NuWave BruHub takes the best qualities of both types of coffee makers and combines them into one single machine. It’s easy to use and brews quickly, bringing out the premium taste you normally get from high-end machines at an affordable price. The NuWave BruHub always brews your coffee at the optimal brewing temperature – something even some premium machines can’t always deliver. Plus, it offers many extra features you can’t find in any other coffee maker.
NuWave BruHub vs. Other Single Serve Machines
Single serve coffee makers deliver fast, convenient coffee for whenever you need a quick pick-me-up. It's no wonder they've become so popular in recent years. But in order to get convenient coffee, you have to sacrifice something extremely important – taste. Single serve coffee makers oftentimes brew below the optimal brewing temperature range of 195-205°F, resulting in sour, poor tasting coffee.
The NuWave BruHub offers the same speed and convenience of single serve coffee makers but with better tasting coffee. Like other single serve coffee makers, the BruHub works with most of your favorite pods, including reusable K-Cups. But what sets BruHub from other single serve coffee maker is that it will always brew at the optimal coffee temperature of 195°F – 205°F. Unlike other Single Serve machines on the market, the Bruhub conforms to the NCA and SCAA standard of Golden Cup brewing temperature. Plus, the BruHub's unique glass heating chamber ensures your coffee will have the cleanest possible taste with no unpleasant metallic flavors. The BruHub offers customization options for your cup of coffee, letting you brew coffee that's just the right strength for your tastes. The Bruhub even features an Iced function, a feature only available in premium coffee makers. Thanks to the BruHub's unique 3-in-1 brewing process, you're not limited to brewing a single cup when you need to brew more for your friends or family.
The NuWave BruHub Combines The Best Of Both Worlds
You don’t have to choose between convenience and quality with the NuWave BruHub. Whether you’re looking for a hot cup of coffee, a soothing cup of tea or a delicious iced coffee creation, the NuWave BruHub lets you brew exactly what you want. With this smart coffee system, you get the speed and convenience of a single serve machine with the premium brewing capabilities of high-end machines all at an affordable price.

While basic machines can cost as little as $79, you’d be missing out on all sorts of brewing options. Adding flavor options could increase the price by $30, adding additional functions like iced coffee can cost an extra $40. All of these features and more are included automatically with every single BruHub, making it the best single-serve coffee maker available today! And if you want more than just a single cup of coffee, the BruHub includes a double-walled carafe whereas a similar carafe may cost you an additional $20 with other coffee makers. This transforms the BruHub from a single serve machine into a versatile coffee maker, letting you use the premium brewing capabilities to make coffee for all your friends and family. Compared to other coffee makers, the NuWave BruHub combines the best options at the best value.

If you're brewing a quick cup of coffee before work or making a full carafe for your dinner party, the BruHub will always make your coffee at the optimal brewing temperature using pure tasting water all while maximizing the flavor of your grounds thanks to the charcoal filters included with every BruHub unlike other coffee makers that may include filters as an optional upgrade. This ensures you get the best tasting brew every single time making you a star with your friends and family.
Environmentally Friendly
The NuWave BruHub does more than brew a delicious cup of coffee; it's good for the environment too. While traditional drip coffee makers require paper filters and single serve machines require plastic pods that just get thrown out after a single use, the NuWave BruHub uses a reusable mesh filter basket and reusable BruCup. Brew your daily cup or carafe in the BruHub without all the unnecessary waste and do your part to help the environment.
Easy to Clean & Easy Maintenance
Each part of the revolutionary NuWave BruHub is removable and dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleanup. This includes the durable, double-walled carafe with its unique, heat-saving lid, all three brewing inserts.

Because these parts are detachable and such a cinch to clean, you will never have to deal with bacteria and mold buildup inside the BruHub as you would with many other coffee makers. The BruHub’s unique thermal glass heater eliminates the possibility of rust, and the specially designed charcoal filters removes impurities from water and helps block the buildup of calcium for incredibly easy maintenance to help you enjoy your delicious tasting coffee with little to no extra effort.

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