Tea as we know it today traces its origins across multiple cultures over the span of thousands of years. Tea is believed to have first discovered in ancient China when the emperor boiled water under a tree and leaves fell into the water, giving it color and taste. Tea slowly became popular across China and eventually Japan before it reached Europe and America in the 17th century where it’s only grown in popularity.

Today, tea can be brewed at home, bought at convenience stores or dispensed from soda fountains. Tea can be sweet, herbal or even alcoholic. But with all of the tea options available, it can be hard to figure out what good tea really is. Many tea drinkers have likely never had a cup of properly made tea. That’s where the NuWave BruHub comes into play.

The NuWave BruHub is the perfect tea making machine. By making hot water in the NuWave BruHub, you’re not only ensuring clean, great tasting water but you’re also getting water made at just the right temperature every time. The BruHub Deluxe Model with its temperature control options even lets you choose just the right temperature for your tea.

Each type of tea has its own optimal brewing temperature for maximum flavor and minimum bitterness. It’s important to know what this temperature is and how to ensure the water used reaches this temperature consistently. Additionally, different types of tea need to be steeped for different amounts of time to ensure optimal flavor. So before you enjoy a cup of tea made in the NuWave BruHub, be sure you’re using the right temperature for your water and the right amount of steeping time using the following guidelines.

Temperature control available only on NuWave BruHub Deluxe models

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